Lifestyle Measures to help your Health and Wellbeing:

Help your cholesterol and risk of heart disease, risk of diabetes, your stress, your weight, your energy levels, your memory and concentration, and your sense of wellbeing by trying out and sticking to some of the tips below. Try to do something in each group.

Relax: reduce stress, increase relaxation. Our bodies react to any stress the same as they would to a tiger.

Eat: There is no ‘one size’ diet – but these tips help your memory, gut, weight, immunity, stress, concentration, risk of disease.

Move: increase physical activity. Just 10 minutes walking a day makes a positive difference to physical and mental wellbeing.

Sleep: we need 6-8 hours sleep a night for good health. Sleep lets your body recover, mop up waste products from the day and refresh


Download lifestyle Leaflet (Word Document) Lifestyle Measures for Health and Wellbeing Feb 2020